How Does Climate Change Imapact 

We’re facing the biggest environmental challenge our species has ever seen. No matter what we’re passionate about, something we care about will be affected by climate change.

arctic, ice floating, iceberg

Global Warming

Global warming is likely to be the greatest cause of species extinctions this century. The IPCC says a 1.5°C average rise may put 20-30% of species at risk of extinction. If the planet warms by more than 2°C, most ecosystems will struggle.

Many of the world’s threatened species live in areas that will be severely affected by climate change. And climate change is happening too quickly for many species to adapt.

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Think of the ocean, rivers, and water ways like the blood of the world flowing through keeping every thing alive.

Waves on the ocean like a beating pulse of the planet keeping every thing alive, with the Sun as the heart shining down. With the blue and green lungs providing the breath to the living planet that allows everything to survive and grow.

There are also kidney and liver function in the form of cave systems that filter out the harmful bacteria, plus the microbiology of the water systems outside of caves works to bring a balance, much like the cells in our bodies that are there to fight off infections.